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If you use the Bugzilla Socorro Lens add-on, please uninstall it and read on…

Just over a year ago I wrote a post about an add-on I created for Firefox dubbed Bugzilla Socorro Lens. In case you’ve never used it, it basically injects a chart (powered by MetricsGraphics.js) into the Crash Signatures section of a bug report. As someone who does bug triage frequently it is extremely useful to be able to see at a glance the activity of a particular crash. Anecdotally, I’ve received a lot of compliments about the add-on which have reinforced my belief in how useful it is to a certain group of Mozillians.

Over the past year usage of my add-on has grown 64%, recently peaking at 115 daily active users. I spent last quarter fixing a bunch of nagging bugs and even found time to work on a couple of longstanding feature requests from my most engaged users.

This quarter I have embarked on a journey of integrating this functionality natively into Bugzilla. With help from Dylan Hardison should be live on Tuesday October 31, 2017. I am hopeful this will put the power of Bugzilla Socorro Lens in the hands of many more people while adding minimal overhead to bugzilla.mozilla.org itself.

Comparison of the Bugzilla Socorro Lens add-on and the native integration with Bugzilla.Mozilla.Org

Please uninstall the Bugzilla Socorro Lens add-on as I will no longer be maintaining it. Thank you everyone who provided compliments, feedback and bug reports over the last year.¬† You helped me turn an accidental pet project into something that is useful for the many who use it, allowing me to contribute to Mozilla in a way I’d never foreseen.

Going forward I will be focused on making fixes and improvements to the integrated product. Bugs Welcome.


3 thoughts on “Bugzilla Socorro Lens”

  1. I definitely found this useful. I was a bit disappointed to see the email that it was being retired but I’m very happy to see that is has actually moved into bugzilla. Congratulations on such a successful and useful project.

    1. Thank you, I’m just happy that so many people find something I created on a whim so useful to their day to day. Can’t say I love coding in Bugzilla Templates but the effort is worth it in my opinion.

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